Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Tacoma Brain Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI, you are no doubt looking for a brain injury attorney to help you, but may not know how to select one. It’s important that you make a wise choice when selecting a personal injury lawyer to represent you for a brain injury claim. The competency of your lawyer and the severity of your injuries are the two factors that will most strongly influence the amount of your financial compensation for what you’ve suffered. One is not under your control – but the other definitely is. Here are some questions to ask to help you choose wisely when selecting a Tacoma brain injury attorney:

#1 How many cases similar to mine have you been the principal attorney on within the last 5 years?

This is important because expertise is key to getting the best settlement possible for you. A personal injury attorney with little experience handling brain injury cases will not get you the best results. The answer you want is that they have had a number of cases similar to yours, all with positive outcomes for the client. If they have little experience or success with similar cases, move on to another candidate.

#2 Will you be handling my case or will it be delegated to another attorney or associate at your firm?

If you are dealing with a very large firm, the answer to this question may be no. You want to speak to the lawyer who will be handling your case – otherwise the answers won’t be relevant. A mid-sized firm is preferable and you’ll likely be dealing with the same attorney at your consultation that will handle your case. You want relevant answers, and these can only come from the lawyer who will be representing you!

#3 What are your past settlements you’ve obtained for brain injury clients?

Another question that needs to be asked when looking for a Tacoma brain injury attorney is how successful they’ve been at winning substantial settlements for clients with similar injuries and outcomes to yours. This can be a big indicator of what they may be able to do for you. If an attorney doesn’t have a track record that’s impressive, that’s a warning sign.

#4 Do you have any former clients I can speak to with cases similar to mine?

It’s one thing for an attorney to tell you that they’re good, but if their past clients are willing to offer a positive testimonial, that’s much more meaningful. If they have no testimonials they can provide, that’s a red flag. Also check for favorable client reviews on sites like attorney rating sites like as a positive indicator – or a warning sign that you may need to keep looking for a good Tacoma brain injury attorney.

#5 What do you think my case is worth and how soon will you pursue it?

An experienced Tacoma brain injury attorney will know, based on working cases similar to yours in the past, an approximate value range likely for your case. If they have no clue what it’s worth, this may be an indicator that they are not a good advocate for you. Also find out how soon they will get to work no your case – some attorneys drag their feet unnecessarily – you want someone who will get started right away and help you get your settlement as soon as possible!

Get the Answers You Need Now

When it comes to these questions, Park Chenaur & Associates is ready to give you answers today. We have expertise with brain injury cases, a winning track record, testimonials from satisfied clients we can share and are ready to get to work on your case right away! If you’ve suffered a brain injury – whether it was from a traumatic accident, an aneurysm or any other reason – we are ready to help you today.

Call Park Chenaur today for a free consultation. We work on a contingency basis, so we will get to work on your case right away with no up-front payment from you. We won’t charge a fee until you get a settlement! Park Chenaur always provides compassionate counsel and aggressive advocacy against those parties that injured you.

We offer multi-lingual services in English, Korean and Spanish. Contact Park Chenaur today so we can get to work on obtaining the best settlement for you as soon as possible. You can reach us via our website or at (253) 839-9440.

Need a Brain Injury Attorney?

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury or have lost a loved one to TBI, you may be considering hiring a Tacoma brain injury attorney. Depending on the circumstances of the accident that caused the injury, pursuing a claim for compensation for the injury and its after-effects may be wise. But one thing is certain– you’ll need excellent legal representation in order to be fairly compensated. So how do you know if an attorney is the right one for your case?

Here are five qualities you should look for in a brain injury attorney:

#1 Location

In real estate, they say it’s all about location, but it’s also true in legal situations. Wherever the accident happened, you want a local attorney. If your traumatic brain injury occurred in the Seattle-Tacoma area, you want a local attorney. Don’t be tempted by the gaudy TB ads of large franchise firms that promise they can handle a lawsuit anywhere but has just a small branch office in Tacoma. You want a local law firm who knows the court system, is part of the local legal network and that is located conveniently near you to make meeting with your attorney convenient.

#2 Experience

Traumatic brain injury lawsuits can be complicated and aren’t something you want in the hands of a novice attorney. Instead, you want someone with years of experience handling personal injury cases. You also don’t want a general attorney. You want an attorney whose sole focus in their practice is personal injury law. Extensive litigation experience is also a must. Some personal injury lawyers are a lot of talk and will write threatening letters but aren’t equipped to fight it out in court if required. So be sure the attorney you choose has litigation experience (just in case it comes to that).

#3 Expertise

In addition to years of experience, you need an attorney with expertise in brain injury cases. It’s not enough for them to have general personal injury experience. Because brain injury cases are complex, your lawyer must have specific expertise. Expertise with TBI cases can mean the difference between a mediocre outcome or a much higher settlement that will fully compensate you for the extent of your injuries, any impact on your future (such as limited ability to work) and any permanent brain damage (which is common).

#4 Track Record

It’s one thing for a lawyer to tell you they know their stuff, but what’s more important is that they have a track record of successful negotiated settlements and trial verdicts. You should request a roster of their victories – particularly those for traumatic brain injury clients! If you’re a research buff, civil case verdicts are part of the public record and you can search to verify what your attorney has told you. Negotiated settlements are usually covered by attorney client privilege, so you won’t be told names but your lawyer can share general circumstances and settlement amounts.

#5 Reputation

Finally, you want a lawyer who has a good reputation, both with clients and with fellow attorneys. is a great place to check out a potential attorney so that you can read reviews from clients as well as peer endorsements. Look for attorneys that are highly rated by clients for both service and results. A lawyer may tell you that they’re great, but the client perspective is much more insightful. Peer reviews are also important because they reveal the level of professionalism of your attorney. Someone who enjoys the respect of their peers can be a great resource for you!

If you (or a loved one) have been seriously impacted by a traumatic brain injury, Park Chenaur can help. No matter what caused the injury – whether it was a car accident, sporting accident, work-related injury or other incident – we are here for you. We offer a free consultation and can even come to you if you are still recuperating from your accident.

Park Chenaur works on a contingency basis, so we can begin representing you immediately with no payment up front and we don’t charge a fee until you get a settlement! We pride ourselves on providing you with compassionate counsel and aggressive advocacy. We offer services in English, Korean and Spanish. Contact Park Chenaur today so we can work on getting you the best settlement as soon as possible. You can reach us via our website or at (253) 839-9440.