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Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Seattle/King County

Here at Park Chenaur and Associates we enjoy helping our local community this is why for this past holiday season we donated toys and clothing to the organization St. Vincent de Paul in Seattle and King County. If you do not know about St. Vincent de Paul in Seattle and King county below is a […]

Proving Damages in a Personal Injury Suit

When we take personal injury cases, there is often no question that our client is injured. Instead, the question the jury must determine is just how injured they are, and to what extent the defendant is responsible for those injuries. But how do we prove that the defendant was responsible, and how do we decide […]

Why a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

At Park Chenaur, we represent individuals injured in motorcycle accidents. These accidents often result in complex personal injury lawsuits involving very serious injuries. It is important when involved in a motorcycle accident to speak with an attorney who has experience with these kinds of cases specifically, rather than an attorney who has only worked on […]

Why a Doctor and Lawyer Should Evaluate your Medical Malpractice Case

Here at Park Chenaur, we pride ourselves on doing a complete investigation of the facts behind every potential case that comes through our doors. We offer every person with a  possible case a free consultation. During this consultation, we ask questions about what happened and uncover the strength of the case by determining what evidence […]

Self-employed Workers and Wage Losses

One of the possible ways to recover money in a personal injury lawsuit is to argue that you lost wages as a result of the incident because your injuries prevented you from working, or reduced your responsibilities at your job. However, proving wage loss to an insurance adjuster, or if necessary, a judge and jury, […]

Texting While Driving

Thomas Jefferson once said, “I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions, but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind…[A]s new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep […]

Dog Bite Lawsuits – Do I have a Claim?

If you’ve been bitten or attacked by a dog, you may be wondering if you have a legal claim against the dog’s owner. The answer is yes in many cases, but every case is different. A personal injury attorney with experience prosecuting dog bite lawsuits is best equipped to evaluate a potential claim. Why Sue […]

What if I Don’t have Insurance?

In Washington State, most drivers are required to carry insurance. Failure to have proof of insurance could result in a fine of $450 or more. However – 16 percent of Washington drivers are uninsured. If you are uninsured, we highly recommend that you purchased insurance in the future, both to comply with the law and […]